INP awarded as
„Attraktiver Arbeitgeber
Rheinland-Pfalz“ 2021

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  • Frederik Weyer, Recruiting at INP

    Lift your carreer to a new level!

    Our high demand on quality starts with recruiting the best employees and results in customer satisfaction way above average.

    Frederik Weyer – Recruiting
  • Offshore Plattform Öl&Gas
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Bears, Mounties and Maple Leafs

Never met a genuine Mountie? It could happen with INP:
From Oakville in Ontario T&D projects lead us into the vastness of Canada, where one can meet bears, catch salmon and marvel at the famous Indian summer.
The newest INP international subsidiary in Canada was founded in 2014 and is the second location on the North American continent, not least to guarantee the best support of our employees.

Would you like to experience genuine adventures and put your expert knowledge and abilities to the test? Would you like to be part of an international team and work for a leading firm in the field of power plant and large scale installation construction? This is your opportunity to accept new professional challenges and at the same time explore one of the most naturally beautiful countries.


Andreas Dröge Geschäftsführer

Andreas Dröge

General Manager

Actemium INP

INP Canada Inc.

2275 Upper Middle Rd. East

Suite 101

Oakville, Ontario L6H 0C3


Tel. +1678 527-1400

Fax +1678 527-1410

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