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References   /  Thyssenkrupp – Energy Management System (EnMS)

Thyssenkrupp – Energy Management System (EnMS)

Location: Dortmund, Germany

System/Technology: Siemens Energy Manager Pro, MSSQL, M-Bus, Modbus TCP/RTU

Services: Commissioning, Project management, Quality assurance, As-built status and data recording, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Detail engineering, Maintenance, Training

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Large Plants

Client: thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH

Project description

Thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH, the end customer of INP Germany, operates a ring rolling mill for the production of rings made out of steel, aluminum, copper or stainless steels. The rings are manufactured in the requested sizes and materials in the radial-axial roller bearings (RAWs). In the next production step, the steel rings produced in the rolling mill are subjected to heating and cooling treatment in the tempering plant consisting of annealing furnaces and cooling water tanks to increase durability and quality and to achieve the desired hardness

Scope of Work

INP Deutschland GmbH was initially awarded the contract to integrate a central gas consumption meter system for digitized recording of all gas meter readings with further processing and display of various consumption statistics.

Building on this system, the next expansion stage involved installation of an energy management system tailored to the customer’s needs, including integration into the expanded central, cross-plant furnace control system (see separate INP reference).

In addition to the gas meters, other media meters related to production (such as electricity, water, etc.) as well as those in the administration buildings (electricity, gas, water, wastewater, charging stations, etc.) are supposed to be integrated into the system in the future. They will then be visualized and analyzed across all plants.

The installed energy management system is an essential and central component in achieving the Group-wide strategy towards climate neutrality through energy flow recording, energy consumption analysis, and the resulting management of energy-saving measures.

INP Services

  • Installation and setup of Siemens Energy Manager PRO V7.2
  • Setup of a plant-wide uniform operating, authorization and visualization concept for the operator, taking into account an ergonomic design for all users
  • Linking of the MSSQL databases with the production data and gas meters
  • Visualization of the gas meters on the EnMS
  • Development and basic setup of customized dashboards in the EnMS
  • Development and basic setup of customized reports in the EnMS incl. mail dispatch
  • Basic setup of limit values and alarms incl. mail dispatch
  • Training of employees on the system
  • Commissioning and support of the system
  • Identification of potential savings opportunities through the EnMS

Future follow-up projects

  • Full integration of additional media meters (electricity, water, waste water, etc.), partly up to direct tapping from the field and the switchboards
  • Expansion to automatic load management through collaboration of the EnMS with the PLC controls of the system
  • Expansion to automated scheduling for operation of the furnaces according to the recorded energy flows from the EnMS

Points of contact

Michael Ohmer Leiter Energie- und WärmeVersorgung

Michael Ohmer

Head of Energy and Heat Supply

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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