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Riding into the sunset with Winnetou and Old Shatterhand!

In the green town of Karlovac, located on four rivers, built in the sixteenth century with a unique town center in the shape of a six-pointed star, the youngest INP location has been founded in the middle of 2018.

Close to Karlovac, this Croatian jewel which is on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites, you find the most wonderful countryside with 16 small lakes which are joined by waterfalls. Karlovac is only about a hundred kilometers away from the most beautiful coastline with thousands of islands. You can also hike the mountains where the famous Winnetou movie series was set in the 1960s. This landscape, especially the river canyon in the Paklenica National Park, resemble the American Grand Canyon.

Working for INP Croatia gives you the opportunity to enjoy the abundant offerings of nature and history while working in a modern country alongside highly skilled engineers.

From instrumentation, process and control technology to quality assurance and project handling, we offer an extensive range of activities here in Karlovac.

We are always delighted to see motivated applicants who want to enrich the INP family with technical skills, team spirit and the wish to further their own development.


Marijan Petrunic Geschäftsführer

Marijan Petrunic

General Manager

INP Croatia d.o.o

Trg hrvatskih branitelja 4

47000 Karlovac


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