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Transmission & Distribution


Generation of regenerative power is gaining more and more global importance. On- and offshore wind turbines and photovoltaic systems were installed and integrated into existing energy grids. As an example, the offshore wind energy needs to be transmitted via submarine and underground cable to a grid connection point.

The 220 and 380 kV lines are the backbone of today's power supply, additionally new grid connections and interconnectors will be integrated to build the future network grid.
Innovative solutions and future technologies such as energy storage systems, smart grid, e-mobility are topical issues of importance as well.

Monitoring the developments in the energy market closely, INP has already started to expand its service portfolio with the competence in transmission & distribution a couple of years ago.

Services Transmission & Distribution

  • Analysis, Studies, Concepts
  • Project Planning, Negotiation and Awarding
  • Project Management / Technical Project Lead
  • Risk-/Opportunity Management
  • Stakeholder-/Interface Management
  • Scheduling / Performance Measurement
  • HSE, QA/QC, Document Management
  • Feasibility Studies, Planing, Engineering
  • Logistic Management
  • Installation Management / Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning Supervision
  • Testing


  • High Voltage Direct Current Transmission (HVDC), Converter and Cable Systems
  • Flexible three-phase current transmission systems, Overhead Line and Cabel Systems
  • High Voltage Substations (AIS/GIS)
  • Power Transformer
  • Station control systems, Control and Protection Systems
  • offshore substations on platforms
  • MV/LV switchboards, MV/LV protection, battery systems

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