• On board for more than 10 years.

    INP is an innovative company:
    I feel good here and I can get things done!

    Ekkehard Kuhnle - Head of IT
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  • Successful and growth-oriented

    More than 30 years of INP! We're proud of it.

    Knut Mertens & Georg Jester - Managing Directors
  • Green Energy Windräder

Patrick Hoffmann, an employee of INP Deutschland GmbH, decided without further ado to spend his annual vacation as a helper in the German flood disaster area.

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INP Deutschland GmbH donates for victims of flood and high water disaster

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INP supports students with a passion for technology who compete as young engineers in the FLL - First Lego Leagues.

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INP employee Joel Lehmann invents and builds CO2 measuring devices

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Power of procuration with sole signature rights for Andreas Haaß and Stephan Diehl

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