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Technical Building Equipment

System integrator for planning and project engineering of complete systems

We support the energy turnaround with innovative approaches across the entire spectrum of building services. We see ourselves as the system integrator for planning and project management of the entire plant, which does not lose sight of the interfaces to all other plant areas and keeps the threads in hand.

We form the link between the technologies of building automation, process automation, MSR technology and the electrical engineering in the weak and strong current area and master here also the complete processing in accordance with the specifications of the HOAI (official scale of fees for services by architects and engineers in Germany).

In addition, we also carry out clarifications with the TÜV (German technical inspection agency), e.g. in connection with smoke extraction systems, explosion-proof areas, safety chains, safety engineering, etc.


According to plant cost groups of the TA as per HOAI

  • AG 1, KG 410, Sewage, water, gas plants
  • AG 2, KG 420, Heat supply systems
  • AG 3, KG 430, Ventilation systems
  • AG 4, KG 440, Heavy current installations
  • AG 5, KG 450, Telecommunications and information technology systems
  • AG 6, KG 460, Conveyor systems
  • AG 7, KG 470, Use-specific installations
  • AG 8, KG 480, Building automation

Building automation, process automation, I&C technology, grounding, lightning protection in the plant areas (exemplary)

  • Universities, university hospitals, high schools,
  • Office and administration buildings, laboratory buildings, trade fairs,
  • Shopping malls, railroad stations, subway stations,
  • Industrial, manufacturing plants, paint mixing centers,
  • US barracks,
  • Water supply, sewage disposal plants, landfills,
  • Gas and steam power plants, coal-fired power plants,
  • Waste, hazardous waste incinerators, waste-to-energy plants,
  • Water supply, sewage disposal plants

Special Areas

  • Energy saving concepts
  • Grounding and lightning protection concepts especially for power plants and railroad stations
  • Integration of self-generating systems (PV systems with and without storage, grid backup units, combined heat and power plants, etc.) into the public grid
  • BIM
  • Digital twin



For the aforementioned disciplines we offer:

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility studies incl. economic feasibility studies, energy management
  • Solution development, concepts
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Planning
  • Project planning
  • Implementation support
  • as well as holistic, integrative processing with the INP departments of electrical and control engineering, mechanical and welding engineering / mechanics, construction and infrastructure

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