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Electrical Engineering

The complete package - targeted and solution-driven

As a non-proprietary specialist for power technology/power transmission, distribution and conversion, we rely on our experience and technical expertise for developing high-performance, safe solutions for new-build and retrofit projects that are cost-effective. We are at home in power plants, switchgear and heavy industry, and we carry out projects from the problem analysis, solution finding and engineering stages through to installation, commissioning and handover. This includes all primary technology devices such as switchgear, transformers and generators as well as the associated secondary technology systems such as protection, excitation, synchronisation and I&C systems.

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Basic engineering, including feasibility studies, calculation and configuration of the electrical components, etc.
  • Installation supervision and management
  • Detailed engineering, including switchgear, cable planning, protection devices, etc.
  • Commissioning and commissioning management
  • Production support in the manufacturing plant, factory acceptance procedures, test area tests
    • Maintenance, servicing, inspections, including protection tests, diagnosis, fault analysis
    • Site management of electrical engineering, including project management, scheduling, reporting, etc.
    • Training and service


    • ABB
    • Alstom
    • GE


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    Harald Knaus Leiter Elektrotechnik

    Harald Knaus

    Head of Electrical Engineering

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    Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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