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Pioneering new construction of a 380 kV line between Birkenfeld and Ötisheim

INP employee Günter Buschke, who as project manager at our customer TransnetBW is responsible for the implementation of the "Netzentwicklungsplan" (grid development plan, measure P70), invites INP colleagues to an information event.

Under the motto "Be where a new power line is being built", the transmission system operator TransnetBW provided information on the construction progress of the line project between Birkenfeld and Ötisheim with a tour of the construction site in Pforzheim-Eutingen.

The project, which began with the completion of the regional planning procedure, is scheduled to go into operation next year.

TransnetBW describes the project as follows: In the Karlsruhe/Pforzheim area, the utilization of the electricity grids has increased significantly in recent years, meaning that the existing lines no longer meet the requirements. In order to continue to guarantee regional security of supply, it is necessary to build a new section of line. The line construction project is included as measure P70 in the national grid development plan for electricity and is part of the federal requirements plan.

The project is particularly interesting because TransnetBW has opted for a previously uncommon technology by using solid wall masts. These pylons are more like wind turbines and, depending on the topography of the terrain, have a height of 50 to 95 meters. At the base, they have a diameter of around 3-4.5 meters.

We at INP are proud to be able to support our customer TransnetBW in this pioneering project.

You can find more information here (German version only):



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