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References   /  Emergency Power Kos - English/Greek translation
Emergency Power Kos - English/Greek translation

Emergency Power Kos - English/Greek translation

Services: Documentation

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Power Generation, Infrastructure Projects

Client: GE Gas Power Systems

Activity period: 2022


GE delivered a mobile gas turbine for emergency power supply to the Greek island of Kos. As GE standardly produces its designations and drawings in English, it was necessary for the customer to translate everything into the local language, i.e. into Greek, in order to operate the gas turbine.
First, the texts to be translated were reviewed and the relevance of the translation was determined. For this purpose, proper names and specific terms were excluded. Then the relevant texts in the original file were translated.

INP Services

  • Examination of the texts in the source language
  • Selection of the corpus
  • Technical translation
  • Final proofreading and checking of the translated texts for plausibility in the technical context in the target language

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