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References   /  HKW Niederrad – Heat and Power Plant
HKW Niederrad – Heat and Power Plant

HKW Niederrad – Heat and Power Plant

Location: Niederrad, Germany

System/Technology: ABB Symphony, Melody, Melody 800xA

Services: Production monitoring, Commissioning, Project management, Site management, Documentation, As-built status and data recording, Pre-project planning and tendering, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Detail engineering, Installation supervision, Training

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Power Generation, Power plants

Client: Mainova AG

Project Size: EUR 700.000


Mainova AG supplies the Rhein-Main region with electricity, natural gas, heat, and water. The Niederrad heat and power plant, built in 1967, has been modernized several times in recent years. In order to ensure efficient energy production in the long term, modernization of the controls systems in the medium-pressure boiler became necessary.

Project description

The object of the contract is to upgrade the electrical and controls systems of the medium-pressure boiler, with process engineering adaptation to allow operation without constant supervision. The system is also to be able to start up from a stand-by mode. INP International Projects is providing planning (basic and detail engineering, enclosure planning), I&C components, commissioning, and functionality demonstration for the boiler controls systems. Its consortium partner is Bartec Benke GmbH.

INP services

Controls systems

  • Main controls system and burner controls ABB melody
  • Determination of controls systems per TRD604 for 24 BOB
  • Boiler protection (HIMA)
  • Data exchange with existing gas and steam system

Hardware planning

  • Installation plans and electrical schematics for controls systems and boiler protection enclosures
  • Determination of the automation components for Melody

Detail engineering

  • Functional plan and software generation for the process controller for fully automated operations
  • Determination and generation of operator screens and interface clarification

Functional testing and commissioning

  • Controls systems with all operating screens for functional testing
  • Test facility / FAT
  • Functional testing (loop check) of all wiring at the operator level
  • Commissioning of the medium-pressure boiler
  • Connection to gas and steam system

Points of contact

Jürgen Wilkening Prokurist - Business Development Manager

Jürgen Wilkening

PoA - Business Development Manager

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstrasse 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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