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References   /  Kozienice - Hard coal fired power plant

Kozienice - Hard coal fired power plant

Location: Kozienice, Poland

Services: Commissioning, Quality assurance, Site management, Documentation, Installation supervision, Operations

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Power Generation, Power plants

Client: MHPSE andMHPS Ltd.

Project description

MHPSE and MHPS Ltd. were commissioned by Enea S.A. to expand the existing hard coal fired power plant in Kozienice with a new block. Block 11 has a capacity of 1,075 MW. The work was started in 2012 with the laying of the foundation stone. The power plant has been connected to the grid since 2017 and is currently one of the largest coal fired power plants in Europe.
INP supported MHPS(E) in the implementation of this large-scale project in various areas with seconded employees and local staff. In order to fully meet the special requirements of such a long assignment abroad, INP opened up a branch in the country in 2014.

INP Services

Quality management for turbine and boiler
Quality inspection
Test supervision
Quality documentation
Document management
Supervision E, I&C
Commissioning E, I&C
Specialist site management of Electrical Instrumentation and Control Engineering
System operations
Construction site assistance
Claims management

Points of contact

Stephan Diehl Prokurist – Leiter Maschinen- und Schweißtechnik

Stephan Diehl

PoA – Head of Machinery and Welding Technology

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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