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References   /  RWE - Power Plant Ibbenbüren - Process control conversion

RWE - Power Plant Ibbenbüren - Process control conversion

Location: Ibbenbüren, Germany

System/Technology: ABB Melody, Contronic 3, Maestro UX

Services: Commissioning, Detail engineering

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Power Generation

Client: RWE Generation SE


At the Ibbenbüren location, coal is milled and burned to generate electricity, which generates pyrite, consisting of unground and ground coal and rock. If a mill is turned off, the unground mixture of fuel and rock remains in the mill, which has already led to considerable damage to the coal mill. In the future, the remaining mixture of coal and rock remaining in the mill will be cleared out of the mill within 20 minutes. Previously, this was not possible due to the storage volume of the existing containers. Therefore, this location had to be equipped with new, larger pyrite tanks along with new MSR (instrumentation and controls) technology. As part of this measure, a conversion of the existing pyrite facility from ABB Contronic 3 to ABB Melody took place at the same time. The above-referenced procedural changes, including a new operating mode of the mill, were implemented directly in the new automation of the AC870P controller (Melody). The Maestro UX control system has been retained. As a result, the affected operating screen changes were adapted and the connection of the new MSR components was established in the AC870P controller.

INP Services

  • Preparation of the process control decommissioning to the old pyrite facility in the existing Contronic 3 programs, including the existing interfaces to cross-system connections
  • Melody-based decommissioning of the interface to the old Contronic 3 automation pyrite facility
  • Restoration of the required signal exchange of the new Melody controller to the remaining Contronic 3 controller
  • Programming of the new pyrite facility automation in Melody (AC870P controller) including implementation of the new milling method
  • Changes to the affected existing visualization in Maestro UX
  • Signal check, cold and hot commissioning

Points of contact

Michael Kopp Leiter Projektmanagement

Michael Kopp

Head of Project Management

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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