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References   /  TREA Leuna - turbine control retrofitting
TREA Leuna - turbine control retrofitting

TREA Leuna - turbine control retrofitting

Location: Leuna, Germany

System/Technology: Siemens S7, Siemens PCS7

Services: Commissioning, Project management, Documentation, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Detail engineering

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Power Generation, Power plants, Waste incineration systems

Client: MVV Umwelt Asset GmbH

Project description

MVV Umwelt operates waste incineration plants and biomass power plants in four locations throughout Germany as well as two locations in Great Britain.

At the Leuna site, there are two waste-fired boiler plants with separate flue-gas cleaning systems that are essentially identical. The waste-fired boiler plants are fueled with household waste and household-like industrial waste from the surrounding regional authorities. Part of the generated steam is converted into electricity and the other part is released to the Infra Leuna site as process steam.

The purpose of this project is to retrofit the turbine control at the TREA Leuna site. The turbine is equipped with an S7 control by Siemens. The visualization occurs on-location via a panel. The current turbine control is a black box.  There is a connection for data exchange with the higher-level PCS7 control system at the TREA Leuna site.

The goal of the project is to update the twelve-year-old control and visualization system and to ensure that the turbine can continue to operate for at least ten more years with full spare parts supply.

INP Services

  • Software programming of the new turbine control in PCS7
  • Replacement of outdated hardware components
  • Connection to the higher-level control systems in PCS7
  • Connection to the higher-level visualization in WinCC
  • Increased availability through new redundancy concept
  • Commissioning

Points of contact

Jürgen Wilkening Prokurist - Business Development Manager

Jürgen Wilkening

PoA - Business Development Manager

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstrasse 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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