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References   /  Vanderlande Airport Support
Vanderlande Airport Support

Vanderlande Airport Support

Location: Airports: Orlando, San Diego, Tijuana, Guadalajara

System/Technology: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider: baggabe handling

Services: Commissioning, Documentation, Pre-project planning and tendering, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Detail engineering, Training

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Large Plants

Client: Vanderlande

Project description

Over the last 15 months, INP has provided engineering and on-site commissioning support for Vanderlande at airports in the US and Mexico. The airports include Orlando, San Diego (on going), Tijuana, Guadalajara and several other regional airports in Mexico. Vanderlande is taking advantage of the on-going effort to improve air travel. They are asked to improve the baggage handling in terms of speed, efficiency and reliability. This involves adding additional baggage handling conveyor lines and upgrading the technologies used at these airports.

INP provides engineers that both make program adjustments and do the on-site commissioning. We have supported Siemens, Allen Bradly and Schneider technologies.The airport assignments from Vanderlande routinely include a scope of work for the INP engineers and they work closely with the Vanderlande project manager. The INP engineers will visit the site with the Vanderlande project manager to review/discuss the scope of work prior to starting the support and other times will receive the assignment and update the Vanderlande project manager. The INP engineers provide daily progress reports with their time sheets. The assignment include commissioning the new technology used on the added or upgraded conveyors and I/O checks for the electrical cabinets.

INP is currently working a large baggage upgrade for the San Diego airport. This is a nine month assignment that includes writing program, on-site commissioning and production support. We also are providing on-site commissioning support for the Scannojet. This is a new a scanning machine introduced by Vanderlande that passengers use going through security for their carry-on luggage. This machine improves the speed & accuracy of checking luggage and by allowing security to shorten the screening process. These machine are being beta tested at 4-5 airports and INP is providing an on-site commissioning engineer to oversee the equipment.

INP Services

INP provides engineering support to upgrade existing baggage handling systems. These upgrades improve the speed and reliability of baggage sortation.

  • Software program adjustments
  • Commissioning
  • Production support


Points of contact


Susanne Lauda

44, Milton Ave.

GA 30009 Alpharetta


Tel. +1 770 265 4356

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