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References   /  Weier - Replacement construction of substation

Weier - Replacement construction of substation

Location: Weier (Offenburg), Germany

System/Technology: High-voltage transmission grids

Services: Production monitoring, Quality assurance, Documentation, Installation supervision

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Transmission & Distribution

Client: TransnetBW GmbH

Project description

TransnetBW GmbH operates the electricity transmission grid in Baden-Württemberg, consisting of around 3,400 kilometers (2,113 miles) of extra-high voltage lines and around 50 substations.

As a result of the measures listed in the grid development plan required for the changeover of the Baden Rhine railway from 220 kV to 380 kV, TransnetBW is building the necessary replacement construction of substation Weier while it is in operation.
Source: Project description of TransnetBW

INP Services

INP was commissioned to handle project management to coordinate the administrative and technical interface with the general contractor.

  • Document management for overall project
  • Document review to check for contract conformity
  • Administration of project meetings
  • Analysis and monitoring of the overall general contractor schedule
  • Coordination of reconnection phase planning
  • Systematic approach for the entire substation, minimization of interface problems
  • Construction site inspections/photographic progress documentation
  • Factory testing/inspections

Points of contact

Andreas Haaß Geschäftsführer

Andreas Haaß

General Manager

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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