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At INP Deutschland GmbH you can now secure a great bonus if you recommend good people. Benefit from your experience and make others aware of us. In return, you will receive a bonus of up to €2,500 when the recommended person is hired. Talk is gold!

For more information about the referral program, please contact the INP recruiting team.

We look forward to your recommendations!

And here's the small print on the INP referral program:

Goals of the recommendation

INP Germany employs specialized professionals from various engineering disciplines as well as economic fields. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality engineering and personnel services. Since the requirement profiles for these assignments change frequently, INP is constantly working to expand its network of experts. Everyone can make an active contribution to this task and suggest potential candidates or encourage them to apply.

Who can participate?

  • Employees, freelancers and all persons in the company's environment who have acquaintances, relatives or friends with interesting qualifications and would like to welcome them to INP in the future.
  • Excluded from this are employees whose job at INP is to search for and recruit personnel or who have a direct influence on personnel decisions. This includes, among others, the management, the heads and division heads of the specialist groups, the head of the personnel department and the employees in recruiting.

What are the rules of the referral program?

  • The recommendation must result in a regular service or employment relationship with INP Deutschland GmbH.
  • The recommended candidate must not yet be known to us or listed in one of our databases or have worked for a company within the INP Group in the past.
  • The recommended candidate is not represented by a personnel consultancy or headhunter.
  • The recommendation and application process must be conducted transparently using standard company internal tools and procedures.
  • Recommendations that are reported without the knowledge of Recruiting or only after the contract has been concluded cannot be taken into account. Any deviating agreements must be released by management.
  • Only one recommending person per applicant can be considered at a time.
  • In the event of multiple recommendations, the applicant will decide on whose original recommendation he/she will apply.
  • The recommendation bonus is a voluntary benefit that can be revoked at any time and to which there is no legal entitlement.

How is a recommendation rewarded?

The bonus is issued in the value of maximum 2500 € gross as a cash bonus.
Unless otherwise agreed, a successful recommendation consists of two parts:

  • The first part of the cash bonus is due when the applicant is hired (legally binding employment contract or contract for freelancer) (1000€).
  • The second part of the cash reward is due after 6 months and an unterminated contractual relationship (1500€).

How are the premiums paid out?

  • The cash bonus paid out is subject to individual taxation. In the case of INP employees, payment is made via the payroll. For organizational reasons, the payment will be made with the next payroll or the one after that.
  • Freelancers as well as persons not employed by INP must pay tax on the value of the bonus on their own responsibility according to their individual tax liability. INP does not provide tax advice in this regard.
  • Persons who do not belong to the group of business contacts, such as customers and suppliers, or who are employees of INP, are recommended to have their taxation checked individually.

What else?

These premium rules may be adjusted without notice. The version valid at the time of a recommendation applies. In the case of indirect recommendations, the status on the date of receipt of the application documents of the recruited person applies. Should deviating conditions have been published in writing within the framework of individual jobs/projects, these shall apply within the defined framework. The German wording of this premium rule applies.

August 2023

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