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References   /  Jura-Cement Factory

Jura-Cement Factory

Location: Wildegg, Switzerland

Services: Production monitoring, Commissioning, Quality assurance, Site management, Installation supervision

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Industrial systems

Client: ABB

Project description

EKZ GETEC and Jura Cement have agreed to deploy a system developed by ABB for recovering energy from waste heat in the Wildegg (AG) cement plant. This ultra-modern solution is based on ORC technology (organic rankine cycle), which transforms waste heat into eco-friendly power. This results in a major drop in energy costs at the Wildegg plant and Jura Cement requires around 20% less power. The system is being financed by EKZ GETEC and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy as a strategically important energy project forming part of the Energy Switzerland program.

ABB had all the necessary expertise to fully integrate the power plant into the cement production process. The assignment encompassed the design, project planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of the turnkey power plant.

14,400 megawatt hours of electrical energy can be generated using ABB’s waste heat recovery system. This meets the power needs of around 3,600 households in Switzerland.
Source: getec-heat-power

INP Services

INP staff were continually present on-location over the 16-month project duration and took charge of supervising the entire installation on behalf of ABB, e.g. instructing, monitoring, testing and correcting the electrical installation, as well as managing the commissioning of the primary and secondary electrical components of the low-voltage systems, the entire electrical installation, and the instrumentation and control systems.

  • Overall coordination of preparatory- and live commissioning
  • Creation of a commissioning concept including planning
  • Expert technical leadership
  • Coordination of acceptance tests
  • Creation of protocols for project management
  • Execution of the remaining items list
  • Coordination of test operations in conjunction with the various specialist heads of mechanical systems
  • Instructing, monitoring, checking and correcting the electrical installation
  • Checking of the electrical red corrections
  • Weekly reporting

Points of contact

Herbert Ackermann Geschäftsführer

Herbert Ackermann

Managing Director

INP Schweiz AG

Spinnereistrasse 3

5300 Turgi


Tel. +41 56 552 19 00

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