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References   /  MC planning semiconductor factory
MC planning semiconductor factory

MC planning semiconductor factory

Location: Heilbronn, Germany

System/Technology: MC technology

Services: Project management, Documentation, As-built status and data recording, Pre-project planning and tendering, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Detail engineering

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Large Plants, Chemical plants, Infrastructure Projects

Client: ZEAG Engineering GmbH / Vishay Semiconductor GmbH / IBS Ingenieurbüro Schmidt GmbH

Activity period: 2019 - 2020

Project description

At the Telefunkenpark site in Heilbronn, various clean rooms are already being operated in which semiconductor products are manufactured. In addition, a new factory was built at the site of the former canteen building. A modern semiconductor production
facility was created in this building.
The building consists of three floors. The free area on the first floor of approx. 1,900 m² was converted into a clean room. In the basement the technical rooms and also production rooms were built. On the upper floor, an office complex was planned.
The requirements for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems and media supply were largely determined by the production specifications of the building‘s tenant.

The media supply, e.g. heating / cooling, demineralized water, cooling water and gas supply to the building is provided by the operator of the technology park. For the media supply, new process engineering plants were built accordingly and existing supply
plants were connected to the new building complex and corresponding distributions in the building were planned.
Production takes place under clean room conditions. The media are supplied via a raised floor and via the adjacent gray rooms. Access to the gray rooms is via a service corridor running along the facade of the building. The basement of the building houses, among other things, the HVAC control center and the areas of the instrumentation and control cabinets.
The factory is to be operated in accordance with the latest technology. For the plant park of the media supply as well as the media monitoring incl. the room air conditioning, the corresponding MSR technology and the associated automation level / controls are to be realized for this.

INP Services

Planning services for instrumentation and control technology for work phases LPH1-7 according to HOAI:

  • Design of the MC technology according to the specifications of the process engineering planning of the following trades.
    • Ventilation systems
    • Heating / cooling
    • Cooling water
    • Gas supply
    • Deionized water
    • Sanitary
  • Planning of leakage detection
  • Planning of energy, heat / cooling quantity meters
  • Planning of automation technology
  • Cable route planning MSR technology on the basis of the rough route planning of
  • the electrical engineeringSwitch cabinet planning
  • network planning
  • Preparation of the quantity structures in the form of sensor and consumer lists
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • comparison of offers
  • Participation in the awarding of contracts

Points of contact

Michael Kopp Leiter Projektmanagement

Michael Kopp

Head of Project Management

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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