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References   /  Weather-dependent overhead line operation: Rollout
Weather-dependent overhead line operation: Rollout

Weather-dependent overhead line operation: Rollout

Location: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

System/Technology: High voltage transmission networks

Services: Project management, Site management, Documentation, As-built status and data recording, Basic-engineering and pre-engineering, Installation supervision

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Green Energy, Transmission & Distribution, Other Industry Sectors

Client: TransnetBW

Activity period: 2020-2021

Project description

As one of the four transmission system operators in Germany, TransnetBW GmbH continuously optimizes its power grid in order to adapt it to changing requirements in a forward-looking manner. The energy transition poses new challenges, especially for energy transmission.

The answer to the flexible feed-in of different energy sources is an adaptable transmission grid. One component of such a flexible grid is weather-dependent overhead line operation. By collecting weather data, power transmission capacity can thus be adapted to the prevailing weather conditions.

To implement this, 270 weather stations will be installed on overhead line masts and 30 weather stations on masts in substations along the power lines. The weather data will then be evaluated centrally and show detailed utilization capacities.


INP Services

Following the pilot project, INP Deutschland was commissioned with the site analysis and project management in the roll-out of the 30 weather masts in TransnetBW‘s substations.

  • Project coordination
  • Consulting
  • Site inspections / photo documentation
  • Site surveys and evaluation
  • Site analysis
  • Preparation of planning documents
  • Supervision of construction work
  • System thinking entire substation, gaps and collision detection

Points of contact

Ralf Barbian Projektleiter Elektrotechnik

Ralf Barbian

Project Manager Electrical Engineering

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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