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Soon, you will have managed it: your schooldays are coming to an end and you have your examination certificates. Now you face the serious task of deciding what career to choose.

Before you reach your final decision, you can gain interesting insights into the variety of working life at our company by taking an internship. And if you decide to start your career with us, a sound apprenticeship or study at university or by vocational education will provide you with the best prospects for a successful start on the career ladder.

On this page, you can find out about the jobs that you can learn in our company, and what courses of study we offer.

  • DHBW, vocational education
    As a partner of the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), we offer student courses in the area of electrical engineering; the qualification in prospect is a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.).
  • HS, university study
    We offer trainee contracts for students at a university. Appropriate technical and financial assistance is guaranteed for the practical work to be carried out in parallel with attending university tuition. The course we sponsor is electrical engineering; with qualification as a Bachelor or Master.
  • Technical and commercial education
    We provide training for qualifications in the fields of information technology for systems integration and commercial office work.
  • Internship
    Have you just completed your school exams and are you looking for decisive insights into the world of work? Then an internship with us ought to be just what you need. Perhaps it could lead to an exciting and interesting apprenticeship or course of study.


Find here interesting stories of our trainees, students and training managers:

INP trainee wins Energy Scout competition
Dominik Janßen was ahead of the competition by the municipal utility in Speyer

The model vehicle learns to drive slow!!!
INP students develop complex speed control via a PLC - a report by Sven Fiesser

Nothing is too severe for the engineer
Of practice and theory – Hans-Gerd Knoll, Head of R&D, Education and Training, on the dual study program at INP

Fit for your professional life
Daniela Dreier in conversation with Annette Jester about the training at INP


We are happy to be able to offer four vacancies for dual students starting their courses in 2022:

B.A. dual studies course electrical engineering (in German language)
concentrating on automation, electrical engineering, or electrical and environmental engineering.

If you are interested and your German is up to university level please contact Hans-Gerd Knoll.

Any other questions?

Hans-Gerd Knoll Leiter Entwicklung, Ausbildung und Schulung

Hans-Gerd Knoll

Head of R&D, Education and Training

INP Deutschland GmbH

Werkstraße 5

67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0