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Are you just setting out on or in the middle of a university course in electrical engineering, mechatronics or thermal process engineering? With us, you can get to know the practical aspects of these careers, for example as part of one of the following activities:

  • Internships
    Whether an official "100-day internship" from a university or simply just to get to know the later facets of the career, – an internship at INP Deutschland GmbH offers a wide variety of insights into the interesting world of work in our company.
  • Final papers as part of a technician apprenticeship or a university course
    With numerous and varied project tasks, INP Deutschland GmbH offers interesting topics time and time again as well as appropriate environment for writing technical, bachelor's or master's papers.
  • Works students
    Trainee contracts running in parallel with courses are particularly popular during the second half of the time at university. By this point, you will already have acquired a certain level of theoretical knowledge, and your timetable offers more time for the practical work to be carried out in the course of a trainee program.

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Hans-Gerd Knoll Leiter Entwicklung, Ausbildung und Schulung

Hans-Gerd Knoll

Head of R&D, Education and Training

INP Deutschland GmbH

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