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References   /  Hydrogen/H2 electrolysis
Hydrogen/H2 electrolysis

Hydrogen/H2 electrolysis

Location: Germany

System/Technology: Electrolysis

Services: Pre-project planning and tendering

Industry Branch/Type of Plant: Green Energy, Power Generation

Project Size: >EUR 500,000

Activity period: since beginning of 2020


The storage of volatile renewable energy is key to the success of the energy transition in Germany and to increasing the CO2-free share of electricity generation. The production and storage of hydrogen play a decisive role in this.

Project description

Some types of electrolyzers are well-known and proven plant components, especially in the chemical industry. The further development of electrolyzers has so far only been pursued in research plants or is being applied in pilot projects. However, to ensure the success of the energy transition, the performance of electrolyzers must be adapted and standardized for large-scale applications in energy generation/storage.

INP Services

  • Optimization of the process engineering of H2 electrolysers
  • Standardization of components
  • Selection and standardization of automation
  • Standardization of interfaces
  • Design of the electrical high voltage connection
  • Specification of the DC power supply (rectifier, transformer, MV filter, switch and cooling system)
  • Modularization of electrical components

Points of contact

Knut Mertens Geschäftsführer

Knut Mertens

Managing Director

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67354 Römerberg


Tel. +49 6232 6869-0

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